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  1. Kausmi Brightening Face Pack, 80gm
    Kausmi Kausmi Brightening Face Pack, 80gm
    ₹1,050 Inclusive of all taxes
  2. Kausmi Moisturizing Lotion, 180ml
    Kausmi Kausmi Moisturizing Lotion, 180ml
    ₹1,200 Inclusive of all taxes
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Kausmi is here to show you the way to natural living. It is a premium skincare and body care brand founded by Smita Kumbhar to set up the market of beauty products that are rooted in Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of medicine. 

It nurtures your skin with the help of blending age-old herbs with modern beauty techniques to balance the Tridoshas of Vatta, Kapha, and Pitta. The products are gentle to the skin and kind to the environment. The products go through frequent lab tests and are certified by the Ministry of Aayush. 

Kausmi’s wide array of products are bottled up with the goodness of Mother Nature. Its ingredients are ethically and carefully sourced without harming animals. 

Cossouq walks parallelly with Kausmi to fulfil the brand’s promise of delivering safe and enriched products. With wholesome and qualitative ingredients to instil confidence in you. 

Kausmi has a simple and natural solution to get rid of dry skin. Apply Kausmi Moisturizing Lotion and get smooth and supple skin instantly. The magic lies in the unique blend of Yashtimadhu, Aloe vera, Almond oil, and Wheat germ oil. 

Here’s the Kausmi Brightening Face Pack for your face, packed with the goodness of Multani mitti, Yashtimadhu, Lodhra, and Kachur Sugandhi. Give a tough fight to acne, pimples, and all other impurities, and get a radiant glow. 

Buy Kausmi products online from Cossouq that remind you of pure love between mother and nature. To get Kausmi products easily, you can head on to our website. Grab amazing discounts and take a move forward to harmonize your mind, body, and soul.