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Kronokare, the French Indian brand, was founded in the year 2008 by a French man who fell in love with India, Mr Cyril Feuillebois. He envisioned creating an unmatched natural, effective, and fuss-free line of products that is the amalgamation of the best from both India and France.

Kronokare products are made in India. However, the components utilised in Kronokare products are derived from France and India and include priceless exquisite local flora, extracted pure essential oils, unique botanical extracts, and valuable seed oils.

Indian and French blends and knowledge are well known in the world in terms of hair and skin care. Also, these blends are an integral part of both cultures. Kronokare has banned ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum, and parabens in the making of its products. All the ingredients are handpicked because of their high quality and top-notch performances.

Kronokare believes that the efficiency of a product depends on the dosage and the quality of its active ingredients. Kronokare uses the highest dilution possible of the best possible active ingredients, and it has always worked out!

In addition to the authentic ingredients, Kronokare products possess the promise of supreme French quality and unique concoction recipes.

So, what exactly are Kronokare cosmetics? Kronokare cosmetics are Indo-French Cosmetics, cosmetics with natural ingredients and formula free of nastiness! Wink, wink!

Kronokare is a brand that brings a range of affordable, happily packaged sulfate and paraben-free products, which allows you to do good both to your skin and the environment. Now that's a hit for six.

The brand has products in segments, including face care, hair care, bath and body products, and wellness products. Besides other products,  Kronokare body butter, creams, and lotions are in great demand among customers.

Kronokare cosmetics are designed for the urban lifestyle. It understands the everyday struggle of people living in urban society. Hence, Kronokare has got it covered, be it pollution, bacteria, or sun. All its products are vegan and cruelty-free. Get ready to get glowing with the classic Indo-French beauty care and Aromatherapy.

Let us tell you more about one more amazing product from this brand:  Kronokare Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist. Relaxation, calmness, and a pleasing atmosphere have become an important facet of life in today's times. The amount of stress an individual goes through needs special care and treatment. Some relax with music; some prefer watching entertaining or comedy shows, while some find their peace of mind in a good night's sleep. A night of peaceful sleep is great medicine and ensures peace of mind.

Moreover, it has been observed that certain fragrances may contribute to sleep better. Kronokare Sweet Dreams brand does just that. This pillow mist helps to calm your mind and truly offers you a peaceful sleep. You can try it out yourself, and we are sure you will love it!

What makes Kronokare special?  Kronokare products  are made for today's audience who think, ponder, try and then choose the best. The best chooses the best! Haha, how cool! Well, on a serious note, every product at Kronokare is designed for easy usage and is presented to the customers in a travel-friendly manner. Kronokare is addressing the needs of the urban people, and urban people need quick solutions. Fascinatingly, KronoKare's formulas deliver fast and efficient results and are designed to be combined, offering a unique skincare routine to its users.

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