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Asmee Products Online at Cossouq

Asmee, a brand dealing with body care and cosmetic products, is acclaimed in the market for its superior standards and efficacy. The quality parameters for this brand are quite high, and all its products go through rigorous quality criteria. Moreover, their composition and how safe they are for use are also checked.

Asmee shampoo, namely Asmee Keratin protein and Argan oil shampoo, has received positive reviews from its users. This shampoo works by nourishing your hair and preventing damage. Also, it is effective in tackling dryness. The product is FDA approved, lab tested, and 100% vegan. Additionally, it is also paraben and SLS free.

Besides the shampoo, the Asmee haircare range also consists of the Asmee Keratin protein and Argan oil conditioner. The conditioner contains hydrolyzed keratin that is effective in healing hair damage from the inside. The SLS and paraben-free hair conditioner give you smooth, firm, and shiny hair.

Apart from this, Asmee has great products for nail care too! If you love painting your nails, you'll love Asmee's premium nail polish and premium gel nail polish. Their premium color coating gives your nails a vibrant and elegant look, making them look beautifully perfect!

Some of the available colors under its premium gel nail polish range are rich ruby, aqua marine, forest green, mustard yellow, orange crush, carnation pink, and amethyst. At the same time, the premium nail polish color range includes lotus pink, maple leaves, and pearl pink.

If you are a makeup lover and haven't checked out  Asmee beauty products, then you are missing out on some real fun. The brand's lipstick range consists of a complete range of fresh hues. These amazingly fresh and different shades will have you wondering which one to choose! These non-drying colors give you a gorgeous look while simultaneously moisturizing your lips. Besides, the lipstick feels light on application. All these benefits in one lipstick? Now that's an awesome lipstick to have!

Talking about colors, Asmee glossy lipstick is available in several shades, namely stargazer glossy, mulberry glossy, caramel glossy, primrose glossy, and daisy pink glossy. At the same time, its charming matte lipsticks are also available in shades such as velvet red matte, espresso matte, french rose matte, pink orchid matte, and tangerine matte.

Next on its impressive product list is Asmee's natural fresh face wash. This facewash in  Asmee's skincare range is a must for anyone that is looking for a gentle face cleanser. The face wash is enriched with natural and healthy ingredients such as Turmeric, Neem, Aloe vera, Cucumber, Papaya, and Mint.

The count for the brand's fabulous products doesn't end here! Its foaming hand wash keeps your hands squeaky clean, while its orchid fragrance will captivate your senses with the sensuous scent of exotic flowers.

Made with the best quality raw materials and employing modern technologies, Asmee products combine modern and safe products. Also, all the above-mentioned products are 100% vegan products. 

Furthermore, the company has a knowledgeable team of professionals who ensure that products under this brand provide complete satisfaction to the buyers.

Are you interested in buying Asmee products? Shop for  Asmee makeup and personal care products online at COSSOUQ.