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Mildcares was formed in the year of 2019 with the primary motive of developing a sustainable, cheaper, and better technique for managing periods. It wants to take the women out of their discomfort during menstruation. 

The brand focuses on providing proper period and sanitation care to women and making their life healthier and better. It has introduced various products under the categories of Period care, Toilet hygiene, and Intimate hygiene. 

Mildcares is aimed to provide relief to women from the problems of cramping, period leaks, and struggle to urinate safely.

Pads and tampons can cause irritation and rashes and also requires regular checks. 

GynoCup Reusable Menstrual Cup can save you from such hassle. It is eco-friendly and made with 100 percent medical-grade Silicon. The best part is it can be reused for years. 

Moreover, Mildcares products are made using sustainable and scientific formulas, thereby reducing the waste generated by pads and tampons. 

You can find the best menstrual cup in India from Cossouq and protect yourself from catching cancerous ailments and frequent infections by using sanitary napkins and tampons. Get your Mildcares period care products from your online marketplace.  

Do you hate dirty toilets while traveling in trains, on flights, or on road trips? A disposable female urination device for women is designed for you to get rid of all those troubles. Do not yell yuck, and feel stuck. Shop for the best toilet hygiene products online. 

The brand has come up with an amazing initiative where any of your doubts or queries can be resolved by female consultants through phone calls. 

It’s time to be more cautious about your hygiene. Stay safe and healthy with the Mildcares products and get them delivered to your doorstep. Visit Cossouq and enjoy exciting deals and rewards.