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You are away from your home and need to answer nature’s call.  What can be a more comforting feeling in this situation than finding a toilet? But what about the anxiety you get while using a public washroom? The risk of contracting UTI or any other hazardous infections by using public washrooms? This daunting situation has troubled many and anybody who has been through such situations knows why this is a serious problem and needs serious attention.

Public toilets, as the name suggests, are used by many and anyone that uses these toilets have higher chances of contracting infections. Pee Safe, Co-founder and Director, Srijana Bagaria faced similar situations and decided to solve this problem. And this is how Pee Safe’s journey started.

Toilet seat sanitizer sprays have been saving people from these situations since 2013 and they truly are saviors while using public toilets. Mint was the first fragrance in the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray category and also the first Pee Safe product ever to be launched in 2013. The brand is serving its customers by offering Pee Safe products including  Pee Safe wipes,  Pee Safe sanitizer and more.

Pee Safe retails upwards of 10,000 retail counters across 100+ cities in India and exports to 15 countries. Pee Safe is present in countries such as Bhutan, Nepal, USA, UAE, Uganda, Africa, Qatar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Europe. An interesting achievement that deserves to be shared is that LinkedIn awarded Pee Safe for being one of the Top 10 Startups in 2020. The brand has constantly been working on issues less talked about or less addressed. It launched the 1st Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On in the Indian market. 

Along the line, a lot of other hygiene essentials were also identified and Pee Safe has been conveniently supplying such hygiene essentials products to those who take personal hygiene seriously. Pee Safe boldly talks about issues that are usually ignored or hushed by society. The brand does not only talk about these issues but also provides effective solutions to these hygiene problems.  Pee Safe natural intimate wash,  Pee Safe hair removal and Pee Safe kit are examples of just about that.

If you take hygiene seriously whether it be personal hygiene or general hygiene, Pee Safe products have got you covered. And don’t worry Pee Safe won’t judge you for being extra careful about the discomforts you face in regards to personal hygiene. 

Pee Safe has products in various categories such as intimate care, maternity care, elderly care, sexual wellness, outdoor care and more. Pee Safe travel kit, Pee Safe sprays, Pee Safe intimate wash and  Pee Safe panty liners are the most loved products of the personal hygiene brand. Personal hygiene does not cost a fortune and Pee Safe prices just prove that.

One of the interesting facts about the brand is Pee Safe’s logo being black in colour was a conscious call to emphasize the fact that it stands for killing germs. Do you need any more assurance that the germs that you are worried about for the toilet seat that you will use will be taken care of? Haha! Order Pee Safe products easily from COSSOUQ.