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It's time that you stay true to yourself and treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated. Nowadays, beauty brands create products that include hazardous chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, lead, and various other ingredients that are damaging to your skin. But  Sotrue Products has pledged to provide its consumers with the best natural products and a brand they can trust. Sotrue Naturals  is a line of beauty products made completely of organic substances and perfumed with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils. It adheres to the principle 7 concept, which states that no paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, silicone, synthetic fragrance, chemical sunscreen, or color is used in its products.

The  Sotrue Alpha Arbutin face serum is an anti-pigmentation serum for daily use and helps reduce dark spots and blemishes from your skin to make it look brighter and even-toned. The ultra-light formula of this serum quickly absorbs into your skin and reduces sun tanning after UV exposure. The Sotrue serum is suited for all skin types, regardless of their condition. Aloe vera extracts, purified water, alpha arbutin, and vegetal hyaluronic acid are just a few of the ingredients utilized to create this product that will work wonders on your skin.

When it comes to our skincare habits, nothing is more luxurious than applying a face mask. The Sotrue Salicylic Acid mask stick, Green tea mask stick, and Ubtan mask stick are very easy to carry, and when combined with a clay mask, they efficiently unclog and deep cleanse your skin pores and fight dullness, resulting in acne-free skin and shine that lasts longer than you can imagine. Furthermore, it absorbs quickly into the skin and offers remarkable anti-aging and face revitalizing properties.

The Salicylic mask stick penetrates your skin thoroughly, entering pores and eliminating oils and impurities. Green tea components in the Green tea mask stick assist fight dullness and provide acne-free skin. The Ubtan mask contains natural components such as saffron and turmeric, which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and assist in giving your skin a naturally radiant complexion. Using these masks can help your skin stay nourished, hydrated, and refreshed.

Following that, this cruelty-free and vegan brand has launched a Salicylic acid face wash that decreases sebum, has natural ingredients, clears up outbreaks, nourishes your skin, and is suitable for all skin types. The inclusion of components such as Lemon, Aloe vera, and Orange peel provides restorative characteristics that both repair and soothe your skin.

Try  Sotrue hair oil for quicker hair growth and to combat hair loss. The natural elements in Sotrue onion hair oil stimulate your scalp and increase blood circulation, leaving you with well-nourished follicles. 

Sotrue recognizes the demands of all hair types and textures and has created an oil that will leave you with gorgeous hair. The advantages of onion oil do not end there. It also reduces breakage, fights dandruff, replenishes roots, and boosts the strength and volume of your hair.  So, say goodbye to bad hair days and say hello to glossy, smooth, thick hair.

Sotrue Naturals products take full care of your body. As a result, in addition to skincare products, they provide a wide selection of intimate care products such as Sotrue reusable face razors, Charcoal nose pore deep cleansing strips, Underarm razors, and Derma rollers to provide your body with a companion that will always be true to it. Sotrue India is associated with all beauty care products that will help women feel good about their own skin and change beauty conventions by providing them with a boost of confidence when they use these items. You can buy Sotrue products online on the COSSOUQ website for convenient delivery of your products.