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Mystique Earth brings you all-natural, holistic skincare, and mesmerizing haircare products at super-affordable prices. It is a clean beauty and hair brand that targets various skin and hair concerns and follows a holistic approach.

Splashing your face with just water in the morning is not enough. Try Mystique Earth Facial Cleanser. This is the perfect cleanser to use when you want to look energized and fresh-faced. It has a cooling and gentle effect on your skin. 

After using a coin-sized amount, your skin will look clean, soft, and ready to start the rest of your routine.

Many of us don't like to follow a hair care routine as it sounds tedious. But with Mystique Earth products, hair care is easy and simple. After you use Mystique Shampoo, your hair will feel clean, and it will not drain out the natural oil present in the scalp. Thanks to the Marigold-and Ratanjot-derived oils, your hair looks shiny and thick after one rinse. 

Mystique Earth Conditioner is the perfect product to use when you want your hair to look more voluminous, shiny, and healthy. 

Just apply a generous amount of Creamy Moist Conditioner on your hair, leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse off. Your hair will now stay smooth and sleek for days to come. 

This brand's Masque helps calm your skin and prevent breakouts from happening. Just lather it on your face, and let the relaxing, soothing properties of Mystique's mineral mask work their magic on you. 

Each ingredient in the brand's recipes is for longevity and timeless grace. It is inspired by one of the Central Indian healing, aesthetic, artistic, and cultural traditions, making each one truly unique.

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