Menstrual Cup Break Hymen
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Can a Menstrual Cup Break Hymen?

Being specific about period essentials is very common in girls because once they find comfort, they won't switch to other brands or products that easily. Especially when it comes to switching to period cups this is also because a majority of people think using menstrual cups can break their virginity.

So, let's burst the orthodox mindset and learn new, safe and eco friendly way of period hygiene. In this blog, you will know can a menstrual cup break hymen and myths and facts about them.

Does the Hymen Break When Using a Menstrual Cup?

Hymen is a thin membrane covering the mouth of the vagina, and it has many holes. There is no medical evidence that says using a menstrual cup can lead to breaking the hymen. 

Many people are in dilemma that the menstrual cup breaks virginity. The answer is virginity is just a cultural stigma made to test whether the girl had intercourse or not. Hymen can break with any high-intensity physical activity. And if the hymen is completely covered, one cannot bleed and have periods.

Menstrual Cup Myths & Facts

Many of us have heard this or have this in mind because we hesitate to use period cups. That's why we want you to make decisions based on facts rather than rumors and self-doubts.

Myth 1: Virgins Can’t Use Menstrual Cups

Not necessarily every female is born with a hymen, and secondly, virginity is a societal norm, and it has nothing to do with using any menstrual essentials like tampons and period cups. 

Myth 2: You Can't Pee Using Menstrual Cups

It's false; you can pee and poop using menstrual cups, as it doesn't hinder the process. A menstrual cup is inserted inside the vaginal canal, the opening of the vulva, and you pee from the urethra. While peeing, the cup will not pop out if you have inserted it the right way. To know the right ways you can check this reel.

Myth 3: Menstrual Cups Are Plastic Free

Generally, menstrual cups are made of natural rubber or silicone rubber. However, not all menstrual cups are 100% plastic-free. Some companies use TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is also a form of plastic. You can find the best menstrual cup easily at Cossouq. Try Divacup. It is one of the trusted menstrual essentials, comes in various fits, and keeps you leak-free.

Myth 4: You Can’t Sleeping With Menstrual Cup

Yes, you can sleep wearing a menstrual cup, and the majority of people have tried using a menstrual cup for the first time at bedtime, along with a pad to check comfort level. If you think that it would leak and may cause discomfort while sleeping, then stop overthinking because it is designed to prevent leaks and give rash-free and comfortable periods.

Myth 5: You Can’t Do Physical Exercise Using Menstrual Cups

Be it any sport, if you are wearing a menstrual cup during your exercise, it will remain intact. However, it should be the right fit for you. The firmness level will make sure that you don't face any shame-fame. The cup works on a suction mechanism that seals against your vaginal wall. And it will pass your vaginal canal because the cervix will not allow it.

Myth 6: Menstrual Cup Needs Replacement Every Year

With proper sterilization, cleaning, and storage, a menstrual cup can last for 4-5 years.

Myth 7: Menstrual Cups Are Hard to Remove and Get Stuck

This only happens if you choose the wrong cup size. Generally, younger girls use smaller cups, but it also depends on your flow. So, there are many brands that make period cups that suit teens.

You can know your cup size by doing a cervix length test. In this, basically, you have to check which finger inserts inside your cervix without any discomfort. If your longer finger easily gets inside the cervix, you can try a medium or large cup and vice versa.

You can refer to the table below (it may differ in some exceptional cases)


Factors Light flow Heavy flow
Low cervix Small cup Small or Medium cup
High cervix Medium cup Medium or Large cup



Do menstrual cups hurt the first time?

No, it doesn't hurt; however, if the technique is not right, you may feel discomfort initially. Therefore, you should know the right method before inserting.

Is it easy to use a menstrual cup for virgins?

If you are stressed and unprepared to insert something in your body, it will not support you, and hence, it will not be easy to use. In case one needs to loosen up and use this with a relaxing body and state of mind.


No medical proof exists that using a period cup can break the hymen. There are many myths about the menstrual cups and their uses. It is safe to use and doesn't stick inside if you know the right size.