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Skin Purging Vs. Breaking Out: Know The Difference

Have you recently tried a new skincare product, and it has given you nothing but heartbreaking acne?

Many of us may misunderstand this with pimples and stop using the new product and look for new solutions and home remedies. This is why skincare knowledge is crucial. If you are also the same part of the population, here is the sign to check our blog on Skin Purging vs Breakouts till the end and know solutions.

What is Skin Purging?

Before we start Skin Purging vs Breakouts, let's know about what Skin purging is. It is a reaction to your new skincare routine. Confused? Well, if you have added a new skincare product like retinol or any skincare acids, your skin will take time to adjust to the new ingredient, and in reflex, it will react mainly in the form of acne-like lesions or flaking. 

You must be curious, but why exactly does it happen? So, the detailed answer to this question is when you apply a new skincare or go for a facial treatment, the active ingredient works on renewing your skin. This may also cause extra sebum or other build-up on your skin. Hence, when your skin is under this process, it bursts out and cleans your skin in the form of purging. 

So, stay calm and don't stress about it. However, ensure the skin purging looks like papules (small pimples or rash) and pustules (small pus). If you get Cystic acne (inflammatory acne) or cyst acne or hive (raised red bumps), it is a sign that you should immediately stop using that product.

But how do you know whether the new product is not working for you? The ideal time is to look for 28 days in general. That's how long your skin takes time to renew. However, this totally depends on person to person.

Are you confused about how to know whether skin purging or acne breaks out? To know that, check our next section.

How to Treat Skin Purging?

The most important step to healing skin purging is to not panic. If you can't stay calm and run out for other home treatments, the situation may worsen.

Instead of doing this, you can look for steps to minimize the effects of skin purging.

Slowly Introduce New Skincare Product

If you are using the new active ingredient in your skincare routine, make sure you have a lower concentration. 1-2% is enough in the initial phase. You may swiftly opt for high concentration once your skin gets used to it.

Make Sunscreen Your Bae

When your skin starts purging, it is at the critical stage you should shield it from sun rays. Thus, apply sunscreen and carry it with you all the time.

Balance Your Skin pH

Apply toner before you apply the new product. It helps to create pH balance, and this will minimize the purging effect. 

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  • Can purge look like acne?

Yes, purge may look like acne, but it is not acne.

  • How can you tell the difference between purging and acne?

The difference between purging and acne is that purging looks more like a small pimple, only on the area where you have applied the product. Moreover, it will disappear from your after 4 weeks.

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Purging and breakout look similar, but it is different. Some people don't know and get scared when it starts happening. That's why all skincare enthusiasts need to know skin purging vs breaking out. You can reduce all marks and blemishes using the best skin care products available at Cossouq and slay your day like a diva. Log in to today and shop your beauty products from the best brands.