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The Brand was formed in the early ’90s in the heart of Paris. It is one of the most eminent Brands of F.M. Cosmetics (INDIA) LLP. The Brand possesses more than 500 unique products to make every woman look and feel beautiful.

It emerged with a vision not just to consider makeup as a tool of beautification but also to instil confidence and self-esteem. 

Imbibing advanced technology, creativity, inspiration, and dedication in its genes has led the Brand to become the fastest-growing Brand in the middle east. It even has branches spread across all the continents. 

The Brand believes in reflecting your honest potential and keeping your skin naturally healthy. It envisions synergizing with the industry’s key players and focusing on delivering the finest cosmetic choices to consumers. 

Daily Life Forever52 has a wide array of face makeup products. Let’s dive into knowing the Forever52 beauty products you will find on our online platform. 

We have a Color highlighter contour powder pro. Made with different shades, it suits your warm and cool undertones. Get a natural look with a vegan and cruelty-free highlighter. 

You might have heard of crayon color, but Forever52 has a Crayon lipstick to enhance the beauty of your lips. It comes with a highly pigmented finish. Enriched with an ultra-care hydrating formula, the Forever52 lipstick gives you a bright city look. 

Have you ever come across gold water? If not, Forever52 Gold water is at your service to increase skin luminosity. It reduces skin irritation and provides youthful skin. 

Various other products range include:

  • Face Makeup Product Range
  • Eye Makeup Product Range
  • Lips Makeup Product Range
  • Nails Makeup Product Range

You can get all the Forever52 cosmetic products from our online platform. Visit and fill your beauty bag with some amazing and colorful self-pampering products.