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NIVEA. The name itself boasts trust, confidence, and reliability. The brand, in 1911, launched the world's first stable oil and water based crème which revolutionized skin care. Although the NIVEA family has grown considerably, it continues to innovate. 

NIVEA includes a vast range of products like moisturizing creams, deodorants, face cleansers, after shaves, sunscreens and many more.

NIVEA SKIN CARE PRODUCTS range from the creamiest of body washes  and body lotions that heal dry skin, to the shower gels that refresh dull and oily skin in no time.

Skin types can vary considerably from person to person and the needs of your face may not be the same as those of others. There are different types of skin, each with its unique set of needs, but overall there are some skincare ingredients we should all be looking out for.

In order to keep up with your requirements, NIVEA has a wide range of products to tackle your face’s uniqueness whatever the condition or type of skin you have.

Apart from your facial skin, NIVEA has products for your whole body. NIVEA BODY MOISTURIZER  nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply making it healthy and giving it a healthy appearance. The rich and creamy formula softens your dry skin and gives deep humidification making it bouncy for up to 48 hours after a single application. 

NIVEA’S SOFT MOISTURIZING CREAM, one of its many successful products, is a highly effective and intensive moisturizing cream which quickly absorbs and refreshes your skin to a whole new level. The best moisture cream for you has to not only work in sync with your skin but also with your lifestyle. If your skin tends to get dehydrated, NIVEA SOFT is the perfect refreshing moisturizing cream.

Enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, NIVEA moisturizers are fast absorbing that refreshes your skin , leaving a unique fragrance and making it smooth, soft, supple and healthy. With just one application, the cream dissipates in your skin like magic and leaves your skin happy.

NIVEA with all its range of skin care products believes in working with your skin’s own biology for being your naturally beautiful best and so do we here at COSSOUQ.

You can find all products of NIVEA at COSSOUQ and many more brands that are trustworthy and reliable, which will make you love your skin. We as a marketplace curate unique skincare personal care and beauty products from the best national and international brands. COSSOUQ  was established with the motive to provide Indian audiences with the best products from the comfort of their homes and we continue to put efforts daily to satisfy our customers and improve their experience with us.