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Old Spice Aftershave is based on deep human knowledge gathered over centuries of human excavation, space-age exploration, sporting excellence, and the odd Kung Fu fight, which you can now gently transfer onto yourself with a splash here and splash there. After using this product, it cools, soothes, refreshes your skin, and puts you in command. The aftershave is supposed to be used on the face, neck, and body after each shave. 

Old Spice Deodorant is available in 6 different variants which have been selected across scent camps. It is safe on our skins and has a long-lasting fragrance on our bodies. It gives you a refreshed feeling and makes you smell bold and fierce.

Old Spice Body Wash makes your bath time both fun and relaxing while gently cleaning dirt off your delicate skin. It is a soft nourishing body wash that cleanses your skin from head to toe. It is made with utmost care to make sure it does not irritate sensitive areas and is gentle on the skin. And, it even has a relaxing fragrance. 

Old Spice Perfume has an alluring and authoritative appeal that instantly overshadows ordinary perfumes. Is created to be versatile for all occasions, yet it is sure to make you stand out. Its unique and powerful scent is fit to be used during the day as well as at night. It is fit for all the seasons as well. Just spray some onto your pulse points for a subtle aroma or directly on your clothes if you want to be just out there unabashedly. 

Old Spice Aftershave Lotion is used after applying the aftershave. The lotion cools and soothes the skin. You'll smell clean, rugged, and triumphant. It also heals tiny razor cuts on your neck and face. And, allows your shaving experience to be subtle and hustle-free. 

Old Spice Body spray is a fragrance crafted for occasions where you did want to stand out from the crowd. Its fragrance is unlike any other deodorant. This body spray has a long-lasting fresh fragrance and it drives away foul body odor. The exotic scent of this perfume gives your personality a refined aura & makes you stand out from the crowd. Add glory to your personality with the best smelling deodorants! 

Old Spice Pure Sport contains odor-fighting atomic robots that shoot lasers at your stench monsters and replaces them with fresh, clean, and scent elves. It lasts all day regardless of the seasons. The gel type is easier to wash off than the solid white bars of deodorant. It would never stain your black/white clothes and lasts for more than 12 hours. And, it can instantly make people catchy towards the smell. It pours all the attention to you, instantly. 

Old Spice Whitewater deodorant spray gives a strong and luxurious fragrance. It provides long-lasting protection against body odor. It is mild on your skin and has a mild clean fragrance. And, it is a perfect choice for a mild and subtle smell. 

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