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CLINIQUE being a popular beauty brand has always won everybody’s trust. CLINIQUE is one of the most successful subsidiaries of ESTEE LAUDER. CLINIQUE, founded in 1968 has always offered high-quality products created by the best team of dermatologists. CLINIQUE received various awards like the 2019 Best E-commerce Experience at the inaugural Glossy Awards.

Clinique skincare products are widely effective for skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, and oily skin.  Clinique skincare provides a wide range of products like moisturizers and face washes. One of the best moisturizers on the market, CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE, one of the most complete and satisfying products by CLINIQUE was formulated using biotechnology and derma science. This moisturizer goes 10 layers deep into your skin to provide the maximum level of hydration to your skin. The gel-based formula makes it more suitable for all skin types. Our face has different thicknesses of the skin in different parts. The skin on the cheeks is a little thicker as compared to those around the eyes. We usually get dark pigmentation around our eyes due to overstressing and working hard. To avoid that, Clinique has a solution.

CLINIQUE EYE CREAM is a unisex eye cream. A gel-based formula cures your dark circles, gets rid of puffiness and fine lines around your eye area, and hydrates your skin. This product also helps to hold eye makeup for long hours. This contains no harmful ingredients like sulfate, phthalates, and parabens which makes it a safe choice and suitable for all skin types.

CLINIQUE also provides male grooming products such as Clinique happy for men which is a newly launched perfume. Gives you a cool, crisp, and citrus smell. It’s a long-lasting fragrance that gives you a refreshing feel and a happy mood.

Some of the products by the brand are unique such as Clinique almost lipstick, a perfect blend of lipstick and lip gloss. Non-stain shades give sleek and moist looks to your lips. It comes in two different shades Black honey and Pink honey. Allergy-tested and 100% fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and silicon-free a safe option for your lips.

When u need perfect makeup, the most important thing is to focus on the small details of the eyelashes, the tint of the concealer, and the little highlights that will bloom your makeup to a different level.

Concealers are the base. the best concealers are those which have perfect blending and finish. CLINIQUE CONCEALER is a lightweight full-coverage formula that gives full coverage to your skin. Conceals your dark spots and patches. Improves the moisture of your skin and reduces the visibility of fine lines immediately by 25%-30%. This formula doesn’t streak and resist creasing and settling. A well-tested and trustworthy product with humidity and sweat resistance for all skin types and in a wide range of shades.

 As hard it is to find the perfect makeup tools, it is hard to find the perfect makeup removal cleansers as well. Some cleaners may react to the makeup itself causing skin damage while others may not be so good at makeup removals.

 But Clinique Cleansing Balm is an ideal product for makeup removal. It quickly dissolves heavy makeup and sunscreens from your eyes and face and makes the whole process of makeup removal too easy. Clinique Cleansing Balm transforms from a solid balm-like texture to a silky oily. Makes your skin pollution impact-free, healthy, younger, and Non-greasy.

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