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Step into the world of tempting fragrances specially crafted for women. You heard it right. Secret Temptation deodorant and perfumes are here to cater your school, college, office, and party looks. It’s time to style yourselves with a scent you love. 

It is a Brand owned by McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd. Begun by Shri Narendra Kumar Daga in 1986 the company has four major perfume brands under its umbrella of which the Secret Temptation was launched in 2006.

Wear confidence by owning your signature scent! This can be done by following three simple steps. Visit, search for the brand, and dive into the ocean of mesmerizing scents. 

Are you one who believes in following your passion? If yes, Secret Temptation Passion Deodorant is for you. Its enchanting aroma of Bergamot and Apple will keep you fresh all day. It is a bottle filled with mystery to create a history. So create yours! Buy Secret Temptation Deodrant online from Cossouq.

To receive an instant burst of energy and freshness drench yourselves in the drops of refreshing and passionate fragrance of Dream Eau De ParfumCossouq has a bunch of floral scents filled in a bottle to grab your attention. Complete your look with Secret Temptation perfumes that intrigue you. 

We often feel cheated, when we buy a perfume bottle looking at its fabulous packaging, but do not find perfume in it. Isn’t it? But not to worry, Secret Temptation Te Amo Dazzle No Gas Deodorant Body Spray will save you from making the wrong choice. 

There are even other variants viz.  Te Amo Petal No Gas Deodorant Body Spray, and Te Amo Sparkle No Gas Deodorant Perfume Body Spray. Get your Secret Temptation Deodrant online

The Brand has some best body deodorants, Eau De Parfume, Perfume body spray, Deo talc, and Perfumed spray that might steal your attention and hold the corner of your heart. So immerse yourself in the floral and fruity scent by visiting