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The depleting environmental condition is taking a toll on our skin. Read the first four words of the previous line again, “The depleting environmental condition”. Taking care of the environment is as much important as you taking care of your skin. Ilana cosmetics  is a skincare brand that focuses on both environment as well as providing safe skincare products. This brand emphasizes on niche requirements of skincare. Ilana believes in maintaining a balance between providing safe skincare and not harming the planet. It is committed to serving guilt-free skincare products to empower people so that they can bring out their authentic selves. There is a range of Ilana beauty products with-

Skincare products 


The nutritional food for your skin, serums play a quintessential role in your skincare. These are the potent shots of nutrients that help oomph up your skin. Infused with tiny molecules that hydrate, work as anti-oxidants, vitamin c, niacinamide to combat skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, or dull skin. There is a serum available for your respective skin concern. For instance, Good skin serum is a specially formulated serum to keep acne, bacteria at bay while enriching your skin with niacinamide and Phyto probiotics to prevent premature aging, skin redness, excess oil, and acne breakouts. Ilana Brightening serum is rich in lemon and papaya extracts along with Vitamin C. This lightweight and non-greasy facial oil helps you get rid of blemishes, dark circles, and dark spots. The high-performing agent vitamin C gives radiant and healthy skin. 

Ilana Eye cream

Lush eyes depuffing eye mask is a cream-based rejuvenating experience for your eyes. Infused with kiwi, frankincense, avocado, this mask instantly depuff those sleep-deprived baggy eyes while boosting collagen and giving you young, bright eyes. This hydrating mask is suitable for all skin types and works within 10 minutes of application.


Ilana organic toner is a spray-based mist to tackle sensitive skin problems like excess oil, acne breakouts. This toner helps clear acne breakout and spots while hydrating. Get clean and supple skin by adding this toner to your skincare regime.

Other Ilana skincare products include exfoliators, masks, and moisturizers. You can check them online at cossouq

Ilana beauty Products


Ilana tints are completely nature-based. These pigmented tints are made from fruit and are free from harmful chemicals. These multi-use tints come with a roll-on applicator which is easy to glide on. Be it your lips or cheek, add some color with Ilana's organic tints. These tints are available in beetroot red, vermillion red, and galaxy plum.


Celestial Pop is an organic highlighter to add that sheer glow to your face. This cream-based gel highlighter does not crack up or give cakey look to your skin. Enriched with soothing agents like aloe vera, glycerine, and coconut oil, gives your face a radiant shine. Available in two shades, mix this highlighter with your face cream and apply it over the high points of your face. And if you want to add a little more sass to your makeup, check out this golden hour shimmer make-up primer which is again a cream-based formula rich in berries and Vtamin C that brightens, protects and soothe skin.


Soft blur concealer not only conceals the uneven area of your skin but also prevents it from UVA and UVB. This concealer/foundation is a cream-based foundation with goodness fof SPF50 and PA++++. So give your face a confident coverage while protecting it from harmful sun rays.

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