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Atulya - Buy Atulya Skin Care Products Online in India

At the heart of all  Atulya products  are the premium authentic components of India's lavish gardens. Atulya began its operations when very few people believed in herbal products. However, the founder was firm and endured with a reliable spirit to comprehend his dreams into reality.

Atulya believes in the magic of plant-based ingredients and Ayurveda and has a similar vision as its parent company Beacon Bio Life Science. Like the parent company, Atulya evolves with plant-based ingredients to benefit the natural glow of skin and hair. Mr. Gaurav Singh, Founder of the parent company Beacon Bio Life Science, believes that the essence of Ayurveda and plant-based ingredients when combined with Bioscience formulates to create the magic of natural elegance and beauty which can never fade with time. Isn’t that the perfect balance of Ayurveda and science? This is the beauty of Atulya products, a perfect combination of our roots and science.

The brand has products in product categories including hair care, skincare and wellness products. Atulya’s haircare range includes  Atulya shampoo, conditioner, oil, mask, hair serum and hair gel. Whereas its skincare segment includes  Atulya herbal soap, hair mask,  face mask, face serum, face gel, and face toner. Atulya is on a lasting expedition to unearth the oblivions of nature which illustrates its determination to provide herbal solutions.

All its products are cruelty-free products and do not contain any animal ingredients. These products are free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals. Ardently engrossed in the purity of elements and effectiveness of preparations, all Atulya products are high eminence and handsomely packaged with GMC certification.

Atulya’s bestsellers include 100% jasmine and lavender essential oil, 100% jasmine and rose essential oil, 100% jasmine and sandalwood essential oil, and 100% lavender and sandalwood essential oil.

The brand’s most loved product category Atulya hair oil comes in various variants including hibiscus and black seed hair oil, amla and bhringraj hair oil, neem cold press oil, and pure cold press castor oil, neem and sage hair oil, black seed kalonji cold-pressed oil, etc.

Atulya began its expedition with a firm belief in the supremacy of nature’s goodness. Atulya is inspired by amazing nature. Atulya is a strong believer in the magic of plant-based ingredients and the benefits it bestows on humankind. One of its bestsellers, Atulya khadi herbal Mehandi is made of pure natural ingredients such as mehndi leaves, neera leaves, amla, brahmi, bhringraj, tulsi bhilawa, shikakai, methi seeds, and jamun guthi.

Atulya has always been enthusiastic about upkeep for life, and this thought is profoundly entrenched in its principles as they believe strongly in providing herbal solutions. It desires to touch the lives of people and aim at conveying the modification of an improved tomorrow through creativities that permit people and shield the true magnificence of mother earth. 

Atulya’s product range includes some really interesting, fun, and healthy ingredients such as grapefruit, shea butter, jasmine, and many more. These products are ayurvedically curated, chemical-free products that are made in India from plant origins. All of its ingredients are dermatologically tested products and checked for purity.