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Casmara  is a Spanish cosmetic brand that offers the most effective products made with unique and exclusive formulations. Casmara offers unique facial and body solutions with innovative & different formulas, exclusive ingredients, textures, and amazing perfumes. The company uses its own formulas to create exceptional cosmetics for beauty professionals and homecare.

Casmara algae masks are like bombs in the beauty and masks market. They are in great demand worldwide as they are the first of its kind masks originally developed by Casmara. These algae masks are made from the results of R&D and knowledge acquired from years of experience.

A fascinating point to watch out for is that Casmara is the official cosmetics of the Goya 2022

Casmara products are high-quality products that give immediate results since the first application. These products work along with the users to be the best version of themselves. The brand Casmara is a combination of tradition and experience of 45 years in the dermo-cosmetic sector. Casmara products are high prestige products and are widely present in the best beauty salons, medical clinics, and SPAs across the globe.

Casmara has an experience of 45 years in the beauty industry. This Spanish cosmetic brand comes up with such innovative products like it’s nobody’s business. 

CASMARA is the most prestigious dermo-cosmetic laboratory, present in the best beauty centers, medical clinics, and SPAs. Casmara Cosmetics are used by leading spa and beauty professionals globally.

Casmara’s journey started with Agueda Garcia’s love for cosmetics. She with her husband started this cosmetic firm and it is now their family business which they operate with they run together with their children.

In the year 1974, these couple preneurs acquired a humble bankrupt company and built their own laboratory. They used this laboratory to prepare creams with unique and personalized formulations.

Casmara is one of the few companies that is characterized by manufacturing its own formulations.

The company took off in the mid-1980s and it decided to sell its products internationally. Their first stop was Asia, then the United States, South America and Europe. Currently, Casmara products are present in almost 70 countries around the world.

Casmara’s motto then was “cosmetics without limits” and under this motto and the maximum investment in product research and development (R+D+i) being a priority in their company policy, Casmara created the 1st and original #AlgaePeelOffMask. Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask is its star product and is in great demand in all parts of the globe. 

People across the globe love Casmara facial kit that comprises the brand’s amazing products.  Casmara facial treatment has several products under this category.

Some of the most sought-after products of the Valencian firm are  Casmara hydra lifting and  Casmara peeling. Whereas many beauty lovers want to know if the brand offers products such as  Casmara natural peeling and  Casmara lightening serum and other  Casmara lightening products. Don’t worry you can get all product details, their functionalities, ingredients, and benefits from COSSOUQ. Check out  Casmara facial kit prices and products from  Casmara online and shop for them at COSSOUQ.