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    Oceglow Glow Serum, 30ml
    Oceglow Oceglow Glow Serum, 30ml
    Special Price ₹2,606 Regular Price ₹3,475 Inclusive of all taxes
    25% Off
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    Oceglow Water Cream Mineral Oil free, 50ml
    Oceglow Oceglow Water Cream Mineral Oil free, 50ml
    Special Price ₹2,790 Regular Price ₹3,875 Inclusive of all taxes
    28% Off
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    Oceglow Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser, 180ml
    Oceglow Oceglow Intense Hydration Cream Cleanser, 180ml
    Special Price ₹1,388 Regular Price ₹1,850 Inclusive of all taxes
    25% Off
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    Oceglow Luminous Bright Eyes Cream, 15ml
    Oceglow Oceglow Luminous Bright Eyes Cream, 15ml
    Special Price ₹1,335 Regular Price ₹1,780 Inclusive of all taxes
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4 Product

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Oceglow  (an elixir from the sea) is a brand of skincare established by Akshay Oswal that marks the onset of a whole new level range of high-performance skincare products rendering you an ethereal beauty. It's an unadulterated line of skincare, which uses powerful aquamarine ingredients consisting of mineral-enriched Algae providing your skin a natural gleaming glow, hence deriving the name Oceglow. Harnessing the power of innovation and partnering with world-renowned South Korean scientists, Oceglow propels innovation and technology to create extraordinary formulations aimed to benefit the healthcare of the skin.

Its mission is to create skincare products for healthier skin and happier life. Their concept of flawless beauty is nothing new as they have been skin-conscious, insightful, and responsible formulators since day one. They are building a regal performance skincare company- a niche of innovative products with marine ingredients providing functional benefits to the skin, setting high benchmarks in everything they do. Here at Oceglow, they are developing ideal products featuring cutting-edge formulae with active ingredients and exquisite packaging that elevate expectations of how a product should look, feel and perform. They choose on the basis of biocompatibility, so our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients which are skin-friendly and cruelty-free. Their compositions are calibrated and tailored to function with the skin's physiological processes, reducing the need for such indulgences. With Oceglow's guidance, you'll be able to finally give your skin a clean, natural, and much-needed break. 

It would not be enough, no matter how many times we say this, but we all are obsessed with the Koreans. Be it their skincare products or series and they have aced it all. Moving on to the products and knowing the secret of their flawless skin. First up amongst the Oceglow products is the Oceglow water cream which improves the suppleness of your skin, maintains an ideal hydration level that aids in the preservation of your skin's freshness, eliminates symptoms of exhaustion, and revitalizes your skin, giving it a healthy & a natural glow. To minimize the dark spots, diminish the pores and reduce the appearance of the fine lines over time, look out for Oceglow serum. Believe me or not, the Oceglow serum reviews are mind-blowing and people are shaken with the results. For the ones who are having combination skin, go for the Oceglow water serum, as it hydrates, moisturizes and protects your skin from toxins. The Oceglow serum price is INR 2025. For the reduction of puffy & dull eyes, your eyes being a delicate area definitely needs Oceglow eye cream. It gives you an instantly radiant look. For people having a dull, low and fatigued day & want to get rid of dark circles around their eyes, opt for Oceglow under eye cream, it does wonder. Infused with the rich aquamarine extracts, the Oceglow face wash  is here to lift away dirt, grime and impurities, including stubborn make-up without stripping the vital oils. And not only does it smoothes the skin's texture, but also maintains its natural moisture. And once all of this is done, do not forget to moisturize with the Oceglow Moisturizer as it preserves the skin’s freshness and eliminates the signs of tiredness & gives your skin a healthy glow. Do not wait anymore and give your skin that extra care that it deserves and buy these amazing products from our website Cossouq. For more latest updates, follow us on Instagram.